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Bird Near Elk Haven Cabins

A new property added to the Elk Haven Vacation Cabins accommodations in Custer, SD!

The Blue Bird's Nest

Check out our newest accommodations located just up the road! The Blue Bird's Nest is nestled in the hills on 4 acres backing up to Forest Service property with beautiful views of Custer and Crazy Horse. Hang out in a hammock and watch for our namesake to fly by "The Mountain Blue Bird"

It is a newly built apartment located just up the street from the cabins.  Very peaceful location with accommodations for 6-7. 

What does the Blue Bird's Nest have:

Master Bedroom with lots of closet space/storage

Bunk Room - Twin XL upper and full-size bed lower

Queen sofa bed

Full Kitchen with dishwasher and full-size refrigerator and microwave

Living/dining room combo

Bathroom with shower/tub and double vanity.

 Heat -  A/C (bluebirds nest only)